Bottled Up: 'Confidence' BTS

Bottled Up is a large scale collaboration between a handful of C4D + Octane artists. Each artist was given a template scene file of a glass container on a shelf. Artists were encouraged to make whatever subject they want in whatever style they choose within the glass container. The only catch was, each piece needed to in some way relate to an emotion. View the full project here.

Below are some of the BTS elements and alternate angles to my piece titled "Confidence." The idea came about when I was contemplating how fun it would be to show a tiny knight blatantly ignoring many 'impossible' obstacles directly in his path. I've included some alternate angles and behind the scenes to share a bit of my process.


Below is a looping GIF of various screenshots I took throughout the design/modeling process, along with clay renders of various elements used in the piece. Often my design process starts with very simple, rough geo as a means of sketching and blocking out the general structure of a scene within Cinema 4D. Once I have a base composition blocked conceptually, I begin modeling more detailed elements and adding them to the scene.

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