GETOVERHER - Hoop Nose Ring Music Video
Directed by Jenna Josepher + Ege Soyuer
Director of Photography: Jacki Huntington
Gaffer/Producer: Kevin Kushner
Camera Operator: Theo Cote
Line Producer, HBIC: Brette Graber
Stylist: Sara Hinkley
Stylist Assistant: Andrea Patsko
Make Up Designer: Priscilla Perez
Make Up Assistant: Diana Argueta
Props Stylist: Megan Kelly
Production Assistant: Athena Manolopoulos
Nails by FlossGloss
Dancers: Ali Brasky, Annie Rigney, Evelyn Chen, Geordan Briscoe, Katyann Gonzalez, Sully Odi Romero, Janine Lee, Ashley Reese, Alexa Leighton, Morgan Nixon, Sara Hinkley, Brette Graber
Post Production: Hornet Inc.
Design: Ege Soyuer, Moree Wu, Mercy Lomelin
Animation: Olivia Blanc, Dupp Du, Chris Guyot, Aaron Kemnitzer, Ege Soyuer, Camille Vincent, Moree Wu
Compositing: Ted Wiggin, Jon Harrison
Edit: Jenna Josepher, Anita Chao
Special Thanks: Hornet Inc., Sext Pixels, FlossGloss, Joanna Rockwell, Franny Perry
Song by GETOVERHER - featuring Snappy Jit & KAR
Produced by MNTN
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